Can't Start the Game (Russian Popup)

18:34 24.01.2016
Looks like a great game.

When I startup the the game from Steam, I get this Russian popup. Is there a way to ensure it starts up in English? I like to know what I'm clicking.

21:03 24.01.2016
может нормальную картинку покажите.

просто интересно о каком всплывающем окне пишите

Скрытый текст
04:28 25.01.2016
Click "Да" and all be Ok
11:49 25.01.2016
Hello, MajikTom.

The game asks if you allow it to install some extra components. If you choose "Да", you will be able to play.

Which game are you installing? There's no Black Gold Online in Steam, so I guess it's Sphere 3. You can visit our english-speaking forums to get information.


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