Private island

15:31 05.04.2018
Good Morning,

I wonder how I can have a private island in the game?
My account is a prize, but I have not been able to access the island yet.

Thank you.
16:04 05.04.2018
To gain access to a personal island, you need to buy in the store 31 or 100 days VIP game. You can get there via a teleport in the city of Anhelm (Анхельм).
19:26 05.04.2018
Yes, I already bought the VIP access, but the rune that gives access to the island did not appear in my character.

Inside the game do I need to buy this rune? If yes, where can I get it?

Thank you very much.
19:52 05.04.2018
The teleportation token on the personal island can be purchased on the mainland of Rhodes (Родос).
13:38 06.04.2018
You have to go to the tavern in the Ankhelm and buy the tokens from NPC inside.
It is green coloured tokens to private island and it have concomitant information about them.
When you find it you have to buy all tokens consistently from 1 lvl till 10.
You need approximately 23kk tallers.
15:07 06.04.2018
I did, but I bought the cheapest one.

Thank you very much my friends.


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